December 18, 2008


Concealer is a product that can be used with foundation or alone. Concealer helps hide the imperfections that we have. The consistency of a concealer is usually a litter thicker than foundation. Concealer can also come in various shades such a green, purple and blue to counter act the color of red blemishes, pimples, broken veins, or rosacea. Concealers usually come in a variety of skin tones colors as well. Most people pick a concealer that is one shade lighter than their foundation because it counter acts on dark spots and uneven skin tones. I have seen concealers used as base for eye shadows, neutral lip color, and a highlight color under brows. There are no hard stone rules that say how to use a concealer or what you can use as a concealer. The ways of using a concealer are endless. You can use it before you apply your foundation, after you apply your foundation or just put it on to cover a spot without foundation. With that said there are no real rules to using a concealer, it is a beauty enhancer. With make there are no rules.


Lip Balm- NEED IT- Lip Balm is a moisturizer for your lips. The skin on your lips is very sensitive and thin. The job of a Lip Balm is to help trap moisture, or keep moisture in your lips. Lip balms should be used to keep lips from drying and cracking. A lip balm typically does not have any color, it purpose or main function is to protect the lips.

Lip Gloss- LOVE IT Lip Gloss is considered make up. More and more lip glosses are being created to serve two purposes - moisturizers and lip color. The possibilities are endless for lip glosses , they can be matte, glittery, shiny, sparkly, bold colors, light colors, sticky, slick, smooth and the list goes on. Lip gloss can start at $0.99 to $30. The great things about some lip glosses is that they are buildable, which means the more you put on the more color or shine you may get. Lip glosses on top of lipsticks WOW. I even mix lip glosses with other lip glosses, the things you can do with this product are endless. You can use it with a lip liner or alone.

LIPSTICK - GOT IT. Don't count this classic out. Lipstick has been around for years and it is not going anywhere. If you are looking for solid color this is your product. You can mix lipstick with lip gloss and you can line it with a lip liner. The advantage to lipstick is the color payoff, it can be intense, matte, glossy, and sparkly. Nude lipsticks are very popular and every woman should have at least one in her makeup collection.

LIP LINER- Lip Liners are my best friend, without them a lot of colors I could not pull off. For instance lets start with a MAC classic "ooh baby" on a dark skin sister without the chestnut liner is call "oh no baby" so whenever you run across a color that you like but you are not feeling it on you, pull out a lip liner to darken or brighten the color up. There are rules to lip liners, and I break them all the time. The only lip liner rule I refuse to break is don't wear black liner around the lip - a definate no no for me.
Lip liner is a cosmetic product. It is intended to fill uneven areas on the outer edges of the lips after applying lipstick therefore giving a smooth shape. The product is usually sold in a retractable tube or pencil form.

Tips for lips
- Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize..keep the lips moist day and night. Take care of your lips.
- Buy a clean soft toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. Moisten toothbrush with water and in circular motions clean all the dead skin off of the lips. Doing this once or twice a week will leave your lips soft apply a balm immediately after.
- Buy a balm or use Vaseline on your lips at night never go to bed with dry lips. "Don't go anywhere with dry lips.
- Keep balms everywhere, have one in your car, at work, at home in the TV room, in the kitchen, you get the picture have them conveniently everywhere.
- Love your lips no matter how big or small
- Try new colors and brands your lips should never be boring :-)


Foundation - The purpose of foundation is to even out the skin and conceal blemishes, dark circles and imperfections. Invest in the best foundation you can buy. Please keep in mind that price should not be a determining factor, if a cheaper brand has your color go for it. When looking for a foundation it is color that matters most.

Coverage Types

· Light/Sheer – Sheer coverage is lightweight and provides little to almost no coverage. A sheer coverage will be very subtle and can go unnoticeable. The object of this coverage is not to conceal but to enhance.
· Medium – Medium is what most women go for, noticeable coverage to even out skin as well as to conceal blemishes and imperfections.
· Heavy –Heavy coverage will cover any imperfection on the skin, the makeup itself will be thick or you can apply multiple layers (build up) your makeup to give you his effect. I believe unless you are a performer or doing some type of work with heavy lighting (TV, Stage, ect..)you dont need this. The makeup is very thick and heavy. Think of it like putting a blanket on your face.

Light/ Sheer Makeup- Include Tinted Moisturizers and Mouses.
How to Apply – Clean hands * Apply like you would any moisturizer, because they are sheer you may not want to use a brush or a sponge because most of your product will get left on the sponge or applicator. By using your hands, you able warm the product up with your natural body heat which will allow for the moisturizer to penetrate into your skin. Most tinted moisturizers have a SPF of 15 some have more so that is an added plus for protecting your skin.

Medium Makeup- include Liquid, Powders and Creams
How to Apply – Clean hands, makeup brush or sponge. As mentioned above using your hand will allow you to warm the makeup up, however it also will allow you to get makeup in places too small for a sponge. A sponge allows you to control the amount of product you put on your skin, although a sponge soaks up some of the product it is going to give you a lighter coverage, the same concept applies when you use a foundation brush. This is where building or layering your makeup comes in, you can keep adding until you achieve the look you looking for.

Heavy Makeup include all of the above with an emphasis on Cream/Cream Stick Foundations
How to Apply – Clean hands, makeup brush or sponge. Very few people need this type of coverage. If not done will your makeup can and will look like mask. I strongly advise against an heavy makeup application for everyday. I think that normal/medium application with the help along with a concealer usually is a enough. Keep in mind Makeup is not Magic, if you have a serious problem you need to seek a dermatalogist to help.

Mineralized Makeup - The best thing about mineralized makeup is that you can sleep in it and it does not block your pores and allows your skin to breath and it has UV protection. Mineralized makeup is all natural and is good for people with sensitve skin. The trick is finding you color and the right coverage. For women of color it is a battle finding a chemical makeup that is the right shade, well finding a mineral one is even harder. (Still looking) As far a coverage I would say light to medium.

Tips to great foundation application.
- Less is More always start off with light coverage, and build from there. Once makeup is on it is hard to take it down without starting over.
- Try putting it on with different ways to see which way works best for you. First use your hands, then try a sponge and next try a brush and see which one gives you the look you would like to have.