August 24, 2009

MAC - Make up Artist Collection

Hey Guys
If you have not picked up your stuff from MAC's new collection, what are you waiting on. The liners, glosses and blushes are pretty amazing. The pigments and glitters are off the chain. Go and check it out ASAP!!!

My Favorites in this collection to GRAB!!

Notable Blush - Must have -beautiful blush it is part of my top 5 MAC blushes!!!
Violet Trance eyeshadow - Must have
Push the Edge - a bold purple also a must have and could be used as a shadow and even a gloss for the fall!!!
Brash and Bold - this would make a fab gloss, shadow and blush for ya!
Haunting Eyeshadow - Repromote light blue...
Get two of your favorite lips they are all limited editions
My Favorites for Lips were

On Display Lip Glass
Personal Taste Lip Glass
Hold the Pose lipstick
Full Body Lipstick

I am not a glitter girl but the glitters in this collection could change my mind...the glitters are good for nail polish lipgloss - create your own dazzleglass with these hot colors...

The quads are ok, but if you have the cult of cherry spice quad you dont need the neutrals and the greens well if you love green they would be a good added addtion to your collection I feel the same way about the purples