December 27, 2008


A question most newbies should be asking is how long does makeup last. Well here are a few things you need to consider before you make your next purchase.

Foundation 3 to 6 months
Powders (blush, face powder) 1 year
Mascara 3 months
Lip gloss and Lipsticks 1 year
Eyeshadow 3 years
cream and gels

Things we can do to give our making a longer life

1. Keep you hands out of it. Your hands have bacteria on them which can help speed up the shelf life of you makeup. Use a clean makeup brush.
2. Keep it in a out of the bathroom mildew, humidity all are factors in decreasing the shelf life of makeup
3. Do not open until your are ready to use it
4. Do not pump your mascara! I don't know who started it but lets stop this practice asap
5. If you get sick - pink eye, fever blister, or sty get rid of the make up you used while you had the infection. Tip: If you cant go without makeup, buy a cheap drug store brand and toss it once the infection is gone.
6. Deep clean your brushes at least once a month, and spray with alcohol often.
7. Sharpen your eye liners and lip pencils often
8. Clean your sharpeners with alcohol
9. Don't share makeup - unless you are a professional makeup artist
10. Close the lids on your makeup tightly.
11. Keep the lids - dont let makeup sit out without a lid even eyeliners.