March 25, 2009

NARS 2009 Spring Collections

If you have not checked out NARS 2009 Spring Collection do it now!!

Can you say HOT!! This collection is on FIRE I have got to have it!

Here’s what’s included in this collection:
Blush duo in Hungry Heart: iridescent gold ivory and pink sand with golden sheen.
Concealer duo in: Vanilla/Honey for fair complexions, Custard/Ginger for light to medium complexions and Praline/Toffee for medium to dark complexions.
Single eyeshadows in: Grenadines (matte garnet), Baby Girl (cotton candy with golden undertones and gold particles) and Night Sun (bright marigold with gold particles).
Duo eyeshadows in Egea (frosted sage and smoky lilac) and Hula Hula (strawberry with gold particles and hazelnut with gold glitter).
Multiple duo in Orgasm/South Beach (peachy pink and apricot with shimmer).
Multiple Bronzer in Cap Vert (for medium to dark complexions with red undertones).
Lipgloss in Sweet Revenge (sheer pink grapefruit).
Lipstick in Shrinagar (metallic raspberry).
Have you seen the new NARS Spring 2009 collection? What’s catching your eye?
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One Response for "New! NARS Cosmetics Spring 2009 Collection"
Leann February 18th, 2009 at 5:58 pm 1
I think I am in love…

Spring 2009 Whats Hot this Spring

Well I unless you have been hiding under a rock there is not doubt in my mind that one of the hot colors this spring is HOT PINK, FUSHIA or whatever you want to call this vibrant pink. Have you seen the cover of ESSENSE!! This pink color is showing up everywhere! MAC has introduced two pink lipsticks with the Hello Kitty Line - "Big Bow" and in the Sugarsweet Line "Sweet Thing" and MAC also gives us a new pink eyeshadow"Dear Cupcake", and the beautiful mint green "Aquavert. Pastels Pastels Pastels just sing spring to me. Did you see the April cover of "O" Michelle with the Orange and Yellow and Oprah in a gorgeous Purple. I love the spring. Glitter is also a must have this spring, if you buy nothing else this spring get some glittery gloss to put over you Favorite lipstick/stain this will brighten up any look. Last but not least nail polish the colors I see are pastel green, pink, and purple are all a must. If you are MAC head here are the must have polishes "Peppermint Patty" (mint green Sugar Sweet) Varicose Violet(lavender Dame Edna) and "Somthing about Pink(Hello Kitty). Pink, Purple and Greens ..oh and by the way did you pick up Lavendar Whip or Fashion Muse great lavenders for the spring. Bye Bellas