March 9, 2009

Makeup Emergency Bag

Have you ever been out and about and get a phone call to do something or go somewhere and you look a mess!!! This is when you pull out your makeup emergency bag! At least that is what I call it, I think everyone should have one. In this one littel bag you can put together a look quickly. I keep it in my car because the bag is too big for my purse. Everyones Needs are different but this is what I have in my bag

nude lipgloss
fingernail polish remover wipes
make up remover wipes
powder/blot powder
MAC (Saddle Sketch)- my to favs for a neutral eye
Black Pencil Eyeliner
Hair Pins
Lotion - Coco butter - works as a lotion and a face moisturizer
Breath Mints
Favorite Bath and Body work scented lotion or trail size perfume
Trail size deodarant
Baby Wipes

With all of this you can conquer anything that comes your way!!