January 5, 2018

Weight Loss Real or Myth

Judging by the title this is not your typical New Years Resolution weight loss post.  With the weight loss success I have been having lately it seems more like a myth. I have not lost one single pound and its all MY fault.  I am getting the results I have been working so hard to achieve by eating sweets, drinking coke, eating late at night and not exercising.  Yes I have done a terrific job at making my weight gain a FACT.

In order to make my weight loss real and I have to incorporate the two C words that are the center of all success stories - CHANGE & CONSISTENCY.  Today I choose not to continue making my loosing weight a Myth but a FACT.  Follow me on instagram for daily progress and food choices.

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!  God is so AMAZING! He is GREAT and GOOD all the time.  I am blessed to see another year. 

I typically make New Years Resolutions but this year I chose to be the best me and to walk in Gods Purpose for my Life.  I want to live an unedited version of my life this year as well as be more consistent with everything I do.  I title this chapter of my life Dream Chaser because I planing on chasing all my dreams this year! 

 I pray blessings and favor you and your family this new year!

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June 1, 2016

SummerTime Mom

School is out and that is sweet music to my ears and a nightmare to my wallet.  The kids seem to eat more and suck up more air in the summer months.  I plan a trip every year; a weekend getaway or small trip.  Airfare for 5 is not cheap!  So more than likely it is a road trip. We use this time to play games, talk and bond as a family. Our goal is to make memories and not spend too much doing it.  We live in Texas so we try to travel outside of Texas but places like SeaWorld, Galveston and Schlitterbahn are irresistible to us, inexpensive, easy to get to and most of all fun, fun, fun! This summer will be a challenge.  Our kids are older and want to travel further so who knows this may be that trip to Florida we have been avoiding.  What are your plans for this summer?

November 8, 2015

Getting Fit and Losing Weight

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook @Eboniebutterfly know that as much as I love beauty, I enjoy working out and staying fit.  The problem is my EATING.  Eating can be a road block when it come to losing weight. My weight loss has been minimal due to my lack of eating well,  however my fitness level is out the roof.  To combat my eating I decided to take things one day at a time.  I have been a pecatarian since October 22, 2015.  I changed my way of eating by choice and not by force.   Being fit and healthy is on top of my priority list. With that being said I wanted to document this challenge.  I am not promising daily updates but weekly I will check in and tell you how things are going.  As far as the beauty and makeup portion of my blog.  It is still alive and well and I will be getting back to that. Take care you beautiful butterflies~~~

Felicia -- Eboniebutterfly

August 25, 2014

Journals - To Share or not to share.

It is no secret I love Blog, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter about all things beauty.  I will share almost anything except my personal journal entries. Last night I was writing in my journal to get all my emotions out and began to cry. My husband naturally was concerned and tried to read what I was writing.  All he saw was the word husband and immediately began questioning what I was writing.  He felt like I should share that entry with him however I decline, refused and said no a dozen times.  I did offer to answer any questions he may have, but my journal entry was for my eyes only.  In the world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, my journal is a private safe haven of personal thoughts.  Writing is a stress reliever for me.  It allows me to organize my thoughts and feelings.  In a world of sharing and posting what happened to private thoughts?  I think that oversharing takes away life's mystery. What are you thoughts? Have a beautiful Day!

April 20, 2014

Top - Peter Pillotto  Jeans - Old Navy Rockstars Shoes -Target

March 27, 2014

Peter Pilotto Haul

Hello my Beautiful Butterflies!!! I picked up a few things from the Peter Pilotto line at Target.  The pickings are slim so don't Miss out! This collection is fun!  I love the colors style and fit of the items I purchased. I will show you how I wear them on a later post. Happy Shopping!!