July 24, 2013

Nail Care after Acrylic nails.

For years I have worn acrylic nails and I loved them!  There were several reason why I stopped wearing them the first and the most influential reason was I developed a fungus, water got up under my nails and bam a nail fungus. The second reason was it is expensive to maintain. If you have a special occasion and want to do something different or new you were a slave that color until your next appointment. The third and final reason why I chose to stop wearing fake nails was because they damaged my natural nails.   There is life after acrylic nails.  Life without fake nails is a lifestyle change which requires you to take better care of your nails as well as your hands.

Must Have Nail Tools
Clear Nail Hardener
Multivitamin or Nail and Hair Vitamin
Hand and Nail Lotion

Nail Brush
Cuticle Oil
Orange Stick
Glass Nail file

10 STEPS to transition from Fake Nails to Natural Nails.
1.  Make the decision to remove the nails for good, no going back!
2.  I recommend letting them grow out a few weeks without a fill and once the nails begin to lift or break trim and soak off with pure acetone.
3.  At this point some people nails may ache; take an aspirin .

4. The nail will be weak so keep them moisturized with hand and nail lotion and follow with cutile oil as needed.
5. Take hair and nail vitamins Daily!
6. Drink lots of water!
7. Put cuticle oil on your nails 3 times a day or more.
8. Push back your cuticles every 2 weeks or when you get a manicure. (This is very important)
9. Keep your nails trim every 2 weeks until the weak portion has grown out.
10. Be Patient!  I can’t stress this enough it may take about 3 months before you are happy with your nails

Don’t get discouraged go get a manicure. Once your nails are healthy you can enjoy beautiful manicures at home or the nail salon.