June 1, 2016

SummerTime Mom

School is out and that is sweet music to my ears and a nightmare to my wallet.  The kids seem to eat more and suck up more air in the summer months.  I plan a trip every year; a weekend getaway or small trip.  Airfare for 5 is not cheap!  So more than likely it is a road trip. We use this time to play games, talk and bond as a family. Our goal is to make memories and not spend too much doing it.  We live in Texas so we try to travel outside of Texas but places like SeaWorld, Galveston and Schlitterbahn are irresistible to us, inexpensive, easy to get to and most of all fun, fun, fun! This summer will be a challenge.  Our kids are older and want to travel further so who knows this may be that trip to Florida we have been avoiding.  What are your plans for this summer?