December 28, 2008

How to Grow Brows Fast, How to Grow Eyelashes

Are you trying to grow out your eyebrows or eyelashes. I dont know how many times I have heard nightmare stories about women over tweezed or shaved them off and now they want them back. Whatever you reason I am sorry to report there is no quick fix, there are some things you can try but if you dont have at least two weeks chances are you want see too much change fast.

How Did You Remove The Hair?
Plucking? If you plucked your eyebrows, then the eyebrows will have up to 64 days to come back in fully. This time can be different for some by a few days, though.

Waxing? If you waxed your eyebrows, then you too will have at the most 64 days for them to grow back fully. They are likely to start growing back and becoming noticeable in 3 to 4 weeks, though.
These two methods are perfect for the longest hair loss because they will remove the hair directly from the follicle. It will take longer for the eyebrow hair to regrow in this method.

Shaved Them? If you shaved them, you only have a couple of days to wait for the hair to begin growing back.

Lost Them Due To Illness? If you have lost your eye brows due to an illness or medication, it can take much longer for the hair to regrow. Usually, as soon as the medication is out of your system you will notice them coming back in fuller. (

Please remember I nor most people doing beauty posts are doctors so becareful and use common sense when using any of the following methods.
Here are some tips to help your regrow your brows - I have tried these and it realy works
- Take multi-vitamins and hair vitamins
- Drink plenty of water
- Detox - cleanse your colon
- Exercise - get the your blood flowing
- Cut back on carbs and elimate sweets
- Wash and Massage the brow area with facial cleanser daily.
- Brush brows with a clean brow brush to remove dead skin
- Apply vitamin e, olive oil or castor oil to your brows and massage - apply to lashes (with a clean mascara wand) daily (please be careful)

If you are really in a pinch look into the following - eyebrow wigs - yes they really do exisist. You can always add false eyelashes, this may take some time if you have never done it before, have a professional apply them if it is a special event you are planning for, talk to the artist before your appointment to determine if you are going to do individuals or a full lash, a full lash will require you get it done the day of the event.

I am not recomending any of these because I have never tried them. But some may very well help.
- Use Rogain -(I would not recomend)
- Take Biotin
- Camphor oil
- I have heard use your own saliva - lick your thumbs apply to brows
- Apply caster oil at night then massage them with the back of an electric tooth brush -the extra stimulation is suppose to help them grow faster.
- Garlic Juice
- mane n tale conditioner
- Vaseline

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