November 5, 2008

Getting to know and love yourself

Get to know yourself better. I have a few suggestions.

--- Journal your day everyday for a week - by journal I mean write down your day what made you smile, what made you cry and at the end of the week read it, and remember that you made it regardless of how hetic and stressful you week may have been.

-- Take a Good Look in the mirror. Look at your body isnt it beautiful, look what God has made, so unique, so wonderful, every feature, your eyes, your nose, your lips. Enjoy what you see if you if not can you change it -- dont just talk about it write it down and ask the Lord to help you implement the necessary changes. If you feel you are overwieght, buy a new dress or clothes, why? because its not about loving what you can be or what you are trying to be its about loving yourself today.

-- Write down a to do list. Scratch off everything you complete. Your list should be as follows
1. Thank God for your life, health, and your abilities (write them down in your journal)
2. Thank God for your family
3. Tell yourself your are beautful out loud
4. Help somebody - non family member
5. Give someone a compliment
6. Say thank you and please
8. Smile - at someone you look
9. Smile - at a stranger
10. Tell yourself and someone else I love you out loud

--- Polish your Toes - What a time consuming thing, and with a world full of things to do take this time out for yourself. Give yourself a full pedicure every once in a while. Believe me I know it great letting someone else do it, but do it yourself you will learn to paint your toes neatlyand this allows you time to spend with yourself.

--- I am a big fan of home facial. I will be posting how to give yourself a facial along with affordable products you can use.

--- Go Shopping - by yourself something nice. Expensive lip gloss or expensive shoes or bag. The goal is to do something nice for yourself. Ok every may not be able to afford something big but buy yourself something nice that you would not usually buy. Make up does the trick for me MAC, NARS, and Kissable Cotour are my favorites. You make love to a massage, a good book, scrapbook supplies, and/or clothes. Do what you love.

--Work on your Faith... I dont just mean go to church, I mean work on your relationship with God -- Jesus Christ. This helps me make it through. Prayer is a powerful stress reliever..

I hopes this helps.