November 8, 2008


Moisturizer are a must for EVERYONE even if you have oily skin. If your face shines like a disco ball you still need a moisturizer. Moisturizer and oil are not the same thing (oil/water). I thought for years that I did not need a moisturizer until I understood its purpose. First our bodies need water, we are made up mostly of water(60%). We need to drink, and wash our bodies with water our bodies LOVES IT. Moisturizers are designed to trap water. After you wash your face while it is still moist put on your moisturizer. Think of it like this--you cant trap water on dry skin. So after you shower --while you still have beads of water on your skin apply your lotions, moisturizers, even lip balm

If you have oily skin you need to look for an oil free moisturizer that works for you. If you have combination skin like myself you can use an oil free or a regular moisturizer. The main purpose of using a moisturizer is to keep you skin hydrated and it also prevents your skin for becoming dry, cracked and wrinkled. A moisturizer with humectants attracts moisture, while one with emollients locks in the moisture.

HEAT WAVE DRYNESS AWAY. A soothing tip for dry, stressed-out skin: Scoop some of your moisturizer in a microwavable bowl and heat for 5 seconds before you apply it. The heat helps the moisturizer penetrate faster and deeper into your skin for enhanced results. (Peter Lamas) I thought this was a great tip. You can also use warm olive oil and apply it to dry skin in the winter this is a great treat for dry cracked skin. (good for the feet too)

Moisturizers I have used
Oil of Olay
Loreal FUTURE E moisturizer

There are a million moisturizers out there, be patient and you will find one that works for you. Even though I believe in saving money, I have not found a homemade one that I liked using. Do what works best for you. And remember to massage it into your face, this is very relaxing and it allows your moisturizer to penetrate into the skin. Wait a few minutes before you apply any other product this will give the moisturizer time to do its "thang"

Places to look for moisturizers - Drugs Stores, WalMart, Mall Makeup Counters, and Spas.

Hope this helps.