December 18, 2008


Concealer is a product that can be used with foundation or alone. Concealer helps hide the imperfections that we have. The consistency of a concealer is usually a litter thicker than foundation. Concealer can also come in various shades such a green, purple and blue to counter act the color of red blemishes, pimples, broken veins, or rosacea. Concealers usually come in a variety of skin tones colors as well. Most people pick a concealer that is one shade lighter than their foundation because it counter acts on dark spots and uneven skin tones. I have seen concealers used as base for eye shadows, neutral lip color, and a highlight color under brows. There are no hard stone rules that say how to use a concealer or what you can use as a concealer. The ways of using a concealer are endless. You can use it before you apply your foundation, after you apply your foundation or just put it on to cover a spot without foundation. With that said there are no real rules to using a concealer, it is a beauty enhancer. With make there are no rules.

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