November 14, 2011

Sparkle and Bling in a Recession

Sparkle and Shimmer are back; which can be a scary thought to some. There are so many new shimmery products introduced by Yves Saint Laurent, NARS, Makeup Forever, MAC, and Stilla just to name a few. However the recession has had a negative impact on our finances and some of us cannot afford to go out and buy all the new fall makeup if any. My suggestion to you is to look no further than your own stash. For those of us who have collected Makeup over the years here are a few things I know may be hiding in your stash. Here is a list of my shimmery fun products I will be blinging this fall

MAC Dazzleglass and Glimmerglass Limited Edition (Bling Black, Blackfire and Blackware)
MAC Eyeshadow ( Cinderfella, Young Punk, Blue Flame)
Urban Decay Shadow (packed with glitter and shimmer)
MAC Black Tied, Sumptious Olive, Amber Rose
Makeup Forever Glitters
Makeup Forever Rocks Star Collection from last season 2010
Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer
Coastal Scents Metal Mania
Coastal Scent Go Pallet Sydney
NYX Ultimate Pearl Shadow

There are so much shimmer out there there is not need to buy my. My staple is a smokey black eye and a little shimmer here and there. For the girl on a budget no need to spends tons of money on new shimmer just rock the bling already in your stash.