January 6, 2009


Three lip glosses in one tube. How Fabulous!! L'Oreal is offering 10 new pressos - Swanky, Trendy, Chic, Fashionista, Snazzy, Classy, Spunky, Ritzy, Stylish and Posh and the price well $11 to $13 dollars which is pricy for drugstore, but you are getting 3 glosses in one. This is a lipgloss girls dream. Along with the pressos L'Oreal is introducing a new eye khol liner in a cute little container the colors are Black, Brown, Navy, Burgundy. Gold and Teal --fun fun fun. What more could a girl ask for. The eye khol is priced between $11 and $13 and is getting mixed reviews. You can pick one or both of these items up at your local drug store or Walmart.