January 26, 2009

Hey Beauties
This is post is about taking care of yourself, looking out for number one, which is something I have not been doing lately and it shows.

Last week I had the privlage of going to the presidential inaguration in DC. Well as a short cut and to avoid taking too much I decided to do just carry on. First mistake, I only took facial wipes and the other liquids included make up and personal hygine with that being said I did not take much...Well after 3 days of using facial wipes I started breaking out!!! On top of that I got these terrible fever blisters - which can be brought on by stress...I went from 70 degrees in Texas to 20's in DC which really does effect your skin and health. Oh and did I mention I did not sleep at all on Sunday, Went to New York all day on Monday and did not Sleep Monday night. So here I am nursing myself back into shape and eating right (fruits and veggies) and my body is slowing getting back into my grove. This trip taught me a number of lessons about me.

1. Alway take care of your skin - no exceptions
2. Life is too short - enjoy every second
3. Laugh and Cry Hard.
4. Dont be Cheap - You will pay for it!

about the inaugration - it was a wonderful opportunity!! Yes I did have a silver ticket, No I did not see OBAMA and Yes I would do it again. The atomospher was refreshing I saw so many people from different walks of life. At first I must admit I did not hop on the Obama train with everyone else, I took mine time and gave each canidate a fair chance. Mr. President has a BIG job ahead of him and I wish him the best, I pray for his safety as well as his family.... My new years resolution was to try and do something different and experincing history was amazing! I could feel the tear trickle down my face when my train entered DC I could not believe I was there and was one of the millions of people....Looking out at the reflective pool all I could think about was the MLK "I Have a Dream Speech" they always show the shot of the people around the reflective pool, and one can only image what was going through the heads of the people there. The only thing I did not like was the way they treated Bush...I know he does not get the popular vote, and I myself am not a Bush fan, but I wish more respect could have been shown toward him..He was the president. Regardless of how I or anyone felt about his term, out of respect let him leave peacefully. I think people quickly forget how hard the job of the president is, I can only - decisions that affect people LIVES; what mass of responsibilty that is...the late night phone calls, the emegencies, and making decisions that are picked apart and criticized, no I am not BUSH's number one fan, but I respect the position, and I feel we all should. Anyhoo take care beauties!!