December 5, 2008

Essential Steps to Beauty Program

There are many products out there making claims to give you a flawless look, true beauty comes when you take care of the basics. Here are a few keys I have found to be useful to me in creating a beautiful look. Even the best make-up cant hide the dreadful things going on inside your body.

1. Skincare - I cannot stress this enough, take care of your skin. Clean it , Moisturize it, and Sunblock it! If you do these three things daily you are on your way to beautiful skin.

2. Exercise - Exercise gets your blood pumping and sweating is good for you. Added benefit is it helps with weight control.

3. Detox - We eat a lot of processed food and we need to clean the plumbing from time to time..your body gives you signs when it needs detoxing...for instance breakouts, bloating, constipation ect...need I say more! Fasting is a good way to detox, all natural detox are available at health food stores . If you have health problems consult with your doctor before starting any type of detox program.

4. A good Multivitamin goes a long way. Taking vitamins aid in nutrition not replace it. Nothing could every replace good veggies and fruits. With that said eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

5. Limit sugar intake which includes -soda, bread, pasta, and candy

6. Flossing - Yes Flossing is good for you, getting rid of the bacteria in your mouth with can lead to infection and sickness...need I say more.

7. Colon Cleansing...I cant stress this enough; this goes along with Detoxing but I had to put it in its on category. You MUST clean you colon, and I believe as often as possible. You don't want that NASTY stuff lingering around in your body.

8. Go to the Doctor get a physical and regular check ups, it is so much easier to take care of potential problems early.

9. Blow your nose, clean your ears and clean your nails. Did you know that these two simple things could be life changing. Clearing your air passages in the morning allows you to breath in freely without strain. Ear cleaning well I will let you figure that one out! Its nasty just do it. It is important to wash your hand before and after you go to the bathroom - did you know that you could be putting bacteria on your unmentionables from other sources. Your nails is a happy home to many types of bacteria that is why it is not a good idea to put your hands on your face and in your mouth before washing them.

10. Make an appointment to Laugh everyday. I watch the comedy channel just to get in a good laugh.

Hope this helps! God bless you!