January 15, 2009

Beauty Acronyms

There are so many blogs, youtube, myspace, facebook and others that are talking about makeup but sometime you can get confused if you dont understand the acroynms. I have listed a few I found on Brown Beauty Bloggers as well as some I already knew. I hope these help you!1

MUA - Makeup Artist
EOTD - Eyes of the Day
FOTD - Face of the Day
EOTN - Eyes of the Night
FOTN - Face of the Night
UDPP - Urban Decay Primer Potion - eyeshadow primer
PPP - Pale Porcelain Princess
LLL - Light Lovely Lady
FFF - Foxy Fair Female
MMM - Medium Marvelous Mademoiselle
GGG - Golden Glam Girl
DDD - Dark Darling Diva
GWP - Gift with Purchase
SPF - Sunscreen Protection Factor
DHA - Dihydroxyacetone
ANR - Advanced Night Repair
GHD - Good Hair Day
AHA - Alpha Hydroxy Acid
EDP - Eau de Parfum
IPL - Intense Pulse Light
B&S-Body & Soul
BB-Bobbi Brown
BB-Bonnie Bell
BB-Beauty Buzz!
BBW-Bath & Body Works
BE-Bare Escentuals
BWC-Beauty Without Cruelty
C&C-Clean & Clear
CD-Christian Dior
CdlM-Creme de la Mer
CG-Cover Girl
DDF- Doctor's Dermatologic Formula
DK- Donna Karan
HC-Hard Candy
J&J-Johnson & Johnson
KM-Kiss Me
KMF-Kiss My Face
LBD-La Bella Donna
LM-Laura Mercier
LSC-Luminous Skin Color (from Becca)
LSF-Luminous Silk Foundation (from Armani)
MAC-Makeup Art Cosmetics
MF-Max Factor
MK-Mary Kay
MMU- Make Me Up Cosmetics
MUFE- Make Up Forever
NM-Neiman Marcus
OoO- Oil of Olay
QH-Queen Helene
TBS-The Body Shop
TM-Trish McEvoy
WnW-Wet & Wild
YSL-Yves St. Laurent