March 31, 2009


Nu Gro hair products. Well there is a product that has been introduced to us by the Lovely Ateya on Youtube called Nu Gro. I have been trying hair grow products for years, and I have a form of Alopecia, I know a thing or two about hair products. Well I had to try this product for myself. When I received my products and noticed that the packaging was a print out but this is an up and coming company so that was a minor detail. The ingredients could not be more natural there was nothing on the packaging I was not familar with or could not pronouce which is a good thing. The product says that it produces results in a little as 2 weeks. I have only had the product for one week and I have only used the oil, Tonight I will be using the shampoo. I will keep you guys posted and after 6 weeks I will do a product and I may do a video for youtube but for now I want to see if it produces results in six weeks.

Price - 5 Stars - Inexpensive - the cheapest hair grow products I have seen on the market
Packaging - 2 Starts - Packaging
Mailing - 4 Stars It came in a timely fashion - I heard that were flooded with orders but it looks like they are keeping up.
Customer Service - The customer service was beyond excellent. The sales agent called me backed and was willing to talk in detail about the products. Initally there was a problem with my order and I emailed them and they were very friendly

I will be back in a few weeks to give a in detail review on the product effectiveness.