August 25, 2014

Journals - To Share or not to share.

It is no secret I love Blog, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter about all things beauty.  I will share almost anything except my personal journal entries. Last night I was writing in my journal to get all my emotions out and began to cry. My husband naturally was concerned and tried to read what I was writing.  All he saw was the word husband and immediately began questioning what I was writing.  He felt like I should share that entry with him however I decline, refused and said no a dozen times.  I did offer to answer any questions he may have, but my journal entry was for my eyes only.  In the world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, my journal is a private safe haven of personal thoughts.  Writing is a stress reliever for me.  It allows me to organize my thoughts and feelings.  In a world of sharing and posting what happened to private thoughts?  I think that oversharing takes away life's mystery. What are you thoughts? Have a beautiful Day!