May 28, 2009

LIPS for Summer 2009

LIPS for the Summer - What will you be wearing? So many beautiful choices how can one decide?

1. Kissable Coutour $22 - Le Fleur Collecton - Hyacinth, Peony and Rose Garden
2. MAC Double Dazzleglass $18 - Goldyrocks (limited), Funtabulous, Date Night, Love Alert, Money honey, Like Venus, Rags to Riches, Baby Sparks, Steppin' Out, Sugarrimmed, Bare Neccesity, Get Rich Quick, Girl's Delight, Stop!Look!, Extra Amps, Smile, Utterly Posh, Moth to Flame
3. Smashbox untamed lip gloss $18 is fierce the colors are - Flesh and Raw
4. Urban Decay Pocket Lip Rocket $19 available in 8 yummy flavors, I mean men - Kirk, Julio, Timothy, Jessie, Doug, Eric, James and David
5. Bobbie Brown Sheer Lip Gloss $20 - Marina Pink, Cabana Coral, Sailor and Popsicle
6. Two Faced Lip Bronzer $17 - Pink Leopard, Snow Bunny and Sun Bunny
7. Chanel Glossimers $27 - Nebula, Meteore, Mica, Mirage, Venus
8. Nars - $24 Belize lipgloss
9. Laura Mercier Lip Colour Shimmer $22 - Boho Bronze, Coral, and Spiced
10. Elizabeth Arden High Shine Gloss $17 Rosegold(limited edition) Berrylicious, Maple, Pink Pout, Rosegold, and Tropicoral
11. Stila Mini Lip Glaze trio - $8 Brown Sugar, Apricot, Starfruit
12 Dior Addict Lip Polish $29.50 - Fresh Expert, Glow Expert, Radiance Expert
13 Givenchy Pop Gloss Crystal - $24 - Sun Coral, SunRose