June 25, 2013

Calories Do Count

We have done it and heard it all about Calories.  What is a calorie a unit that measures how much energy a food has and that is the dummy down definition.  Contrary to popular beliefs CALORIES DO COUNT.  I have been on countless diets and they come back to the same basic principals of Calorie counting.   You may not be required to count them per say by writing them but in some shape form or fashion you are counting them.  Weight Watchers call their calories points they created their own universe of calorie counting, and the Adkins diet restricts carbs so those calories are out the door.  Wheather they rename or elimate a foods or food groups you are counting calories.  You should be counting calories if your goal is to loose or maintain your current weight. Please know this regardless if you count the calories or not your body is keep track of them!