December 19, 2008


Hey Ladies I will discuss PRIMERS in terms of paint. Basically people use primers to allow color something to adhere to. A primer can intensify a color, control oil (on lids and face) and neutralize color. In makeup there are 3 basic types of PRIMERS. (There may be more but these are the only ones I know about.

The face primer is commonly used to control oil and to allow makeup to last longer. An eye primer primarily has the same job and can also be used to neutralize your lid color. ( I will get into detail about that later) A lip primer neutralizes the color in your lips.

There are many Face primers out there on the market, I don't endorse any product line, however there are a lot of lines that sell primers MAC, Rimmel, Smash Box, Laura Merier, and Mary K just to name a few. A face primer is not something that is required for some because of the oil in their skin. Let me talk a little about oily skin. It is very important to know your skin type in order to choose makeup and to decide whether or not you need a primer. The reason why people with oily skin have a hard time with makeup is because of the oil in their skin. Most makeup removers have oil in them. Castor oil and olive oils can be used to cleanse the face of dirt and makeup. My personal theory is that when you apply makeup to oily skin the skin will not absorb it because it treats the makeup like dirt/debris in an effort to keep it out of your pores your skin produces more oil. Women with oily skin should use face primers to slow down the oil production process. Please note a primer will only slow down the oil production process, over a period of time you will need to use some type of powder or blotting film to remove excess oil.

Most women in general need a good eye primer/eye base. If you have ever experienced creasing , or fading eyeshadow after a few hours or less then more than likely you need a primer. A primer acts as a good base for eyeshadow to adhere to, it resembles the face primer, the only difference is that you now are have to understand colors. Just like paint primers eyeshadow primers come in a variety of shades and neutrals. For instance if you wanted a red color to "pop" or stand out you would use a pink or a white primer. Same goes if you want a really intense black, you would you a black or grey primer. Eye primers come in many forms such as creams, paints, paint pots and shade stickks. Everyone is different, what works well for me may not work well for you. Experiment with different primers until you find the one that works for you.

Eyeshadow primers
Urband Decay Primer Potion (UDPP)
Two face eyeshadow insurance
MAC prep and prime
Benefits Lemonade
Scandolous cosmetics eyeshadow base

The job of an eyelash primer is to make your lashes look thicker and fuller. There are many out there on the market that come with mascara on one side and the primer on the oppisite end.

Lip primers are used by people who have tinted lips. Some people naturally have rosy lips, light colored lips or dark lips. The job of a lip primer is to neutralize that natural color so that it wont compete with lip color. When you have naturally tinted lips the color will change once you apply it to the lips. For instance if your lips are noticeable darker than your skin finding a neutral lip color will be a challenge if your lip color is competing with the neutral shades you apply.

I hope this helps....please follow me.

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Rachel Lee said...

You should add E.L.F. Mineral eye primer to the list because it is supposed to be very good and it is only $3. I have been using udpp and i was thinking of picking it up myself :) Only $3!!