December 19, 2008


This is very basic/general guideline on what a good makeup routine looks like. You dont have to follow every step you can delete and/or add things you do regularly. Customize this routine by adding things you may already do. You beauty routine should have the things I have the things with **

Wash your face **
Apply eye cream
Apply toner
Massage moisturizer into face**
Allow a few minutes for the moisturizer to soak in (5 to 10 minutes) Brush your teeth while you wait.**
Apply lip balm**
Apply primers (eye and/or face) give it a few minutes to dry
Apply foundation
Apply bronzer
Apply highlight
Apply blush
Apply eyeshadow
Groom brows (sweeze this in whenever it works best for you)
Apply eyeliner
Apply mascara and or false eyelashes
Set face with powder
Apply lip liner(if applicable) apply lip gloss or lipstick

Clean face
Moisturize (same as morning)
Apply eye cream
Apply any night creams wrinkle cream or acne creams after moisturizing.
Apply lip balm

I hope this helps

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