December 19, 2008

New to Makeup - Shoping List

If you are new to makeup here is a list of things that I think are essential for people just starting out. This is a very general list. Check out the Internet, YouTube - there are many many people doing makeup tutorials and make artist at makeup counters and friends and family.

Foundation - Find a foundation that matches your skin. The foundation is the cornerstone for your makeup. Find a good Blot powder for oil control and and powder in your color(optional)

Lipstick - I think every person needs at least one nude lipstick

Lip gloss - Clear and One color or if you can find a set with different colors that would be great start.

Eyeliner - Depending on the looks you want one black (pencil) one black (liquid) one brown (pencil) Pencil sharpener for your eye and lip not sharpen any lead pencils with it.

Eyeshadow - I would say depending on the line your choose start with the one of the following
- Neutral Quad
- A Brown, Black, a few colors (depending on your skin type)
Don't go crazy here - first find out what you like to do.

Brushes - I would say this depends on you. I will spend money on brushes it makes the application so much easier. You don't have to go to the makeup counter to buy brushes. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and Makeup Counters. Buyer beware. Before I spent money on a brush I would do my research google the reviews and as always ask people you know what they use.

Brow set - a word of advice, if you have never done your brows before let a professional you trust do them once and then maintain them. I would hate to see you drawing your brows on if that was not your original plan.

Blush - (optional - one shade for those extra special days)

Some people get hook on makeup lines and that is ok, however you miss out on other good lines when you limit yourself to one particular line. I recommend having an open mind and choose products that work for you whether it be $0.99 or $100 what matters most is how the product works for you.

Facial Cleanser
Makeup wipes
Primer (Face/ or Eye)
Lip Balm or Conditioner

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