May 5, 2009

Working Mommie Monday

Hey my working Moms, so much to do so little time to do it!!! This article is about our kids, there is a misconceptiont that we working moms dont connect with our kids, and I simply dont believe that is true. I know its hard keeping it all together, working, cooking, cleaning, sports and making all the birthday parties. Its a tough job. So I am giving each of you a "NO" pass, its ok to miss one practice, its ok not to go to all the parties, and its ok not to volunteer even if you feel pressured. "NO" is not up for negotiation "NO" really means no not maybe, not I will think about it, but NO!. With that being said we really need to cherish the time we have with the kids, here are a few simple things we can do to connect with our kids.

1. No cell phones or radio in the car with the kids, use this time to talk.
2. Eat dinner together at the table no TV just talk to the kids about their day.
3. Commit to reading a bed time story once a week, more if you can.
4. Hugs, Kisses, and I Love You... my aunt who lost her child when she was 9 told me you can never hug your baby too much.
5. Go to the park often..and take your camera
6. Movie Night my family use to have movie night on thursday but we moved it to friday.. includes popcorn. milk duds soda we even have special movie night popcorn bowls.
7. Dance or Workout with your kids, you need it and they need it to.
8. Sing together, if you child is too young for the car conversastion sing songs they know
9. Let your child help you cook...they love to be little helpers, let them get the spoons, or let them stir you can even let them help you melt butter in the microwave
10 Do a picnic once a quarter.
11. Take them to your job

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