April 16, 2009

Popular MAC eyeshadow colors

Being a Youtuber and a Beauty Blogger I have been asked what are my favorite MAC shadows and that changes all the time. For those of you just starting out and buying shadows there are so many to choose and what may look good on my NW50 skin may not look so great on a NC20. So I have comprised a list of the most popular shadows, shadows that I hear over and over at the MAC counters, youtube and beauty blogs...here are the top 10. There are Many Many Many beautiful colors that MAC offers but the ones listed below are staples for most women. I am not saying go out and buy these, but chances are you eventually will if you are a MAC head. These are in no particular order. I personally dont have all the colors listed below. All are permant colors.

1. Carbon
2. Rice Paper
3. Humid
4. Woodwinked
5. Black Tied
6. Embarked
7. Satin Taupe
8. Sumptious Olive
9. Shroom
10. Coppering
11 Amberlights
12 Wedge
13. Bronze
14. Cork
15. Expensive Pink
16. Swiss Chocolate
17. Soft Brown
18. Rule
19. Gesso
20. Print


Kelsey said...

Hey girlie! I too am on YT, and have a beauty blog, but Im just starting to wear MAC eyeshadows (I've always been a fan of their blushes), so this is very helpful! Thanks!

Elliott Broidy said...

They all are gorgeous