December 19, 2008


There are NO RULES in Makeup. You can use blush as shadow, a concealer as a highlight, and pretty much anything else creative you can think of. However there are some things you simply should not do EVER unless you are in a photo shoot for a fashion magazine. Believe it or not I have seen all of these no nos done least once in my life time.

1. Black Liner around the Lips
2. Apply makeup on a dirty face.
3. Apply oily products on the lids (lipstick, lip gloss ---YUCK)
4. Applying glitter on the lids (can be dangerous to the eye)
5. White Lipstick - I have not seen it done well yet especially on dark skin
6. Applying color on the nose unless you are a professional clown please avoid bright colors on the nose.
7. Sleep in Makeup - Strongly Advise Against it - Even if its mineral
8. Wear eye makeup when you have "PINK EYE"
9. Sleep with fake lashes the only lashes that you can sleep with are individual and permanent. The oils as well as the sleep from your eyelid will loosen the glue.
10. Wearing the wrong color foundation - Ask a true friend if you cant tell
11. Honestly, I don't know of anyone that does Black Brows well... I have dark skin and I wear dark brown or lighter. Black brows give you a harsh look, if that is what you are going for then go for it.
12 Straight line brow. If you like drawing on your brow please take the time and create an arch, a straight line across the face looks dated and a mess.
13. Applying lip stick with a cold sore. Wear a clear gloss and medicine. During this time you want to bring less attention to the sore, not more. Choose a nude color, but make sure you throw the lipstick out or apply with a Q tip ( no double dipping).

Hope this help

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