November 6, 2008


This is about giving yourself a Pedicure. I love getting a professional to do but sometimes your money and time may prevent you from going to a professional. Here a few things you can do. You will need about an hour to give yourself a good pedicure. You will need
Foot Spa*** Nail File/Clippers*** Nail Polish *** Nail Polish Remover *** Foot Soak *** Foot Lotion***Foot Mask *** Orange Stick*** Cuticle Oil***2 Large Towels ** 1 Small towel *** Music/TV Show or Book.

Lets get started. First remove all the polish from your toe nails. After you remove your polish cut and file your toenails into the desired length and shape. Please keep in mind that you don't want to cut your nails too short. Soak your feet in your Foot Spa and go over them with the nail brush making sure each nail gets clean . Using cuticle cream or vitamin E massage around the cuticle. With an orange stick push the cuticle back (the cuticle is the skin that surround the sides and top of the toenail). Next, with your pumice and begin scrubbing the dead skin off of your feet...please note please try not to over do it but try very hard to get off as much as you can without hurting yourself. After cleaning your feet place them back in the water to wash and apply foot mask(follow directions on label)..after that dry your feet and apply a base coat on your toes allow to dry and then apply your nail polish and top coat.

Foot Spa - Soak your feet
High End - Prosepra Foot Spa Reg. $59.99 Macy's
Mid Range - Ho Medics - Bubble Bliss
Foot Spa with Heat $19.99 Walmart
Dirt Cheap - Swing your feet into your Bath tub or bowl/ bucket that will fit your feet

NAIL BRUSH - Small hand held brush to clean finger and toe nails

NAIL FILE / NAIL CLIPPERS - Trim and file (Always file in one direction) when filing your toenails I prefer using an emery board instead of a metal file. I personally think that metal files are too harsh however if you like them be sure to keep it clean and don't share it with anyone..The only thing I use a metal file for is to clean up under my nails. Be very careful not to trim your toe nails too short the should be cut to your personal preference but most say that you should stop cutting when you get close to the skin. Please do not peal off your toe nails! If you or someone you know is diabetic please be very careful when putting a sharp object to their feet.

NAIL POLISH- Base Coat, Nail Polish and Top Coat
The purpose of the Base Coat just like a primer it gives you nail polish something to adhere to with out it the oils in you toe nail will not allow your polish to last.
Top Coat - A Top Coat Keeps your polish from chipping.

FOOT LOTION - ( is thicker than regular lotion) You can purchase a cheap foot lotion or use Vaseline and/or a thick creamy lotion. Make sure you take the time to massage the lotion in order to keep you feet nice and soft. If you use Vaseline, try using a hot towel after applying the Vaseline this will leave your feet soft. If you don't want to use the hot towel you can always opt to apply the Vaseline and put on thick socks.

PUMICE - use a pumice to scrub off all the dead skin

FOOT SOAK - Soak you feet for 20 to 30 minutes you have time relax... This allows dead skin to loosen up so it will be easier to remove. ** Tip pour less than 1/2 cup of milk to the water to soften up dead skin.

*FOOT MASK - This is optional this is something that you can buy at a WalMart or the dollar something that is just a little extra to make your pedicure special. Each mask serves a different purpose, it could be to relax, sooth or cleanse.

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